Black Magic Cameras

Blackmagic Cinema Cameras is one of the premier producers of professional digital film cameras that you can hold in your hand. Blackmagic is proud to introduce the world’s smallest digital film cameras with an incredibly strong design.

There are many amazing features of Blackmagic cameras. Here’s a bit more about the type of equipment they use:

Super Size Sensor

The 35-millimeter sensor on Blackmagic cameras will allow you to capture richer colors, as well as a more creative depth of field. This super-sized sensor will allow you to capture higher resolution video with 12 stops of dynamic range to shoot feature-film quality footage.

You can take advantage of the camera’s minimal crop factor to shoot with super wide-angle lenses to capture big and beautiful images. In addition, you’ll still have the dynamic range to effectively capture highlight and shadow details far better than a traditional camera. 


Blackmagic cameras are designed to give the user more choices in lenses than any other camera out there. You’ll be able to choose from models with PL, EFT, and MFT lens mounts so that you can easily use the world’s most technically sophisticated lenses.

Our PL models allow you to use a variety of professional cinema lenses from a number of companies, including Panavision, ARRI, and Zeiss. If you’re shooting period work, you’ll be able to use vintage PL cinema lenses to recreate the look of a forgotten era.

Our EF models allow you to use high-resolution Canon photographic lenses to capture super high-quality video footage. In addition, our passive MFT models gives you the freedom to use super small lenses, as well as the flexibility to adapt to other lens mounts. 

Wide Dynamic Range

Most video cameras clip highlights and shadows to produce images that look like video. Some cameras take multiple exposures in “HDR made” in an attempt to simulate wide dynamic range. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work very well when you’re shooting motion video.

In contrast, Blackmagic cameras shoot each frame with wide dynamic range. This produces brighter highlights without clipping and it will also give you richer detail and shadows. The ultra wide 2.5k sensor on our cameras will even allow you to shoot indoors with correct exposure and still capture the full detail of the setting through the windows outside. 

Small, But Tough

While the Blackmagic cameras have, in effect, been shrunken down to handheld size, this does not compromise the quality of this true digital film camera. All of our cameras are precision engineered from machined metal and miniaturized using the latest advanced electronics.

This allows us to deliver a rugged digital film camera that has the strength to be rigged even when it is supporting a heavy PL mount lens. Our super small design still includes an SSD recorder that is capable of recording RAW, touchscreen LCD, internal active cooling for the cinematic sensor, and standard SDI, audio, and Thunderbolt connections. 

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