Key Difference Between A Videographer and A Filmographer

You might have opened this article wondering to yourself if, in fact, there really is a difference between a videographer and a filmmaker. While both parties will ultimately present their work in the form of a DVD or online video, the process that they use to approach the entire production is actually quite different.

In the remainder of this article we will explore the different approaches of videographers and filmmakers and we will identify some key differences that set the two professions apart:


Most videographers take the approach of documenting an event or gathering sequentially and then presenting the final product to the audience exactly as it happened in reality. Many videographers sequence their videos with music because their purpose is to present the day the way it really happened.

For most videographers, the final product must tailor to their clients’ individual needs. They are primarily shooting to please their client and leave them with a finished product that provides a visual record of their special day.

Additionally, most of the video clips recorded by videographers are tack sharp all the way from foreground to background, even with the best in HD video technology. This can often give the appearance and feel of television news broadcast, which, for some, might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Others might be looking for a bit more production value. In that case, you might need to consider the following benefits of working more closely with a filmmaker rather than a videographer: 


While filmmakers certainly have a responsibility to their client first, they also focus on telling stories that will even allow complete strangers to connect on an emotional level. By piecing together multiple video clips, dialogue, lighting, and a music score, the filmmaker strives to produce a final product that enhances the story he or she is attempting to tell.

By utilizing a variety of cinematic quality lenses, cranes, dollies, and video stabilizers, the filmmaker can create a variety of moods in the different scenes he or she is shooting. Near the end of the process, color processing can also be used to set or enhance the mood of a given scene from their collection of video footage.

As a result, the final product will typically be of a much higher quality than what you’d see from the average videographer. Filmmakers are more capable of producing video that appears much like what you’d see in the movies, making everything appears bigger than it actually is in real life.

In general, a filmmaker will be given much more creative license to mix and match the tinier details throughout the given day or an entire event. The filmmaker’s primary goal is to shoot footage that will eventually add visual impact to the story being told.

Over the past few years, there has been a steady decline in people using videographers to capture their special events. This can be due to a number of factors, but one is the relatively high cost of hiring a videographer to produce a video that will be viewed a handful of times, at most.

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