The Value of Video in Communicating your Message

Are you trying to create a powerful marketing video to attract new customers? Do you know how important it is to communicate your message through video? If not, you should be paying attention to your growing value of video in the marketing world.

At Vivia Digital Films, we try to help each and every one of our clients produce quality videos that effectively communicate the desired message. If you haven’t been utilizing video in your marketing efforts, here are a few reasons video is an efficient communications medium:

Improve Awareness of your Brand

Video is widely used to promote brands all over the Internet, and video helps your company connect with viewers in ways that other mediums can’t. Recent research has found that 70% of Internet users will view your brand more positively after seeing a video produced by the company that brand represents.

While video traffic only reached about 57% of Internet consumers in 2012, this number is forecasted to jump to 69% by 2017. Perhaps most importantly, an impressive 65% of executives that view your marketing video will immediately visit your brand’s website afterwards.

Increases your Ability to Engage Customers

Creating compelling video marketing content will help you reach viewers on a variety of platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Google+, as well as on your home site. Interestingly, Internet users spend an astounding 88% more time on websites that contain video.

While capturing user’s attention is the first step, keeping it long enough to sell your message is the critical next phase. Video has the power to capture user’s attention longer than many other forms of advertising, but engaging the user quickly is vital. In fact, videos less than 15 seconds in length are shared 37% more than lost lasting between 30 seconds and a minute.

Improves Conversion and SEO

When you’ve got your bottom line in mind, you’ll want to know how video can actually help you grow your business. Video attracts attention, but it’s crucial that this attention translates into tangible increases in sales.

Statistics have shown that including video in email marketing messages can increase click-through rate by as much as 96%. Additionally, users that visit your website are 64% more likely to actually buy a product or service after viewing marketing video.

When it comes to making sure your website stays high in Google’s search rankings, video is essential. Because Google ranks video highest in search results, you must use creative video to stay visible in the most powerful search engine on the Internet.

The importance of staying on Google’s good side shouldn’t be understated. If you don’t land on the first page of Google’s rankings, you may never be found, since 91% of users never click past Google’s primary search results page. Videos can help you improve the odds of landing on Google’s first page by as much as 50%.

At Vivia Digital Films, our priority is creating high quality videos that effectively communicate our client’s message. If you’d like to discuss your video needs, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-403-585-0133 today!