Tips for Hosting Videos on your Site

When hosting video on your site, there are a few common avenues you might choose to take. While you might ask three different people and get three different answers regarding the best option for you and your video content.

At Vivia Digital Films, we help our clients produce, shoot, and edit quality promotional videos crafted to garner significant interested from existing, and potential, customers. When it comes to hosting your videos, you might, however, be on your own. This is why we want you to know more about three of the most common methods for hosting video on your site:

YouTube Hosting

YouTube receives more than 800 million individual visitors every month. When it comes to online video, nothing really comes close. YouTube’s visibility, ease of use, SEO compatibility, and additional function as a social network all make it a great option for hosting online video.

On the counter side, however, YouTube also has a few disadvantages. While YouTube is extremely SEO-compatible, the real SEO value, if your video becomes popular, is going to YouTube, rather than your personal or company website.


Self-hosting is another option that many users prefer because it gives you more control than using a hosting site like YouTube. Self-hosting also makes it much more difficult for a third-party to rip your video and post it elsewhere to promote their business. The SEO value of any popularity your video gains will also benefit your company’s website, and self-hosting is completely ad-free.

Critics of self-hosting point out that it’s much harder to reach a large audience when using this hosting method. In other words, you’re giving up the potential to tap into YouTube’s massive following. If you’re running low on hosting space already, you might be forced to pay for self-hosting.

Paid Hosting

In much the same way as self-hosting, paid hosting gives you more control over how your video and video player appear, but paid services will certainly offer varying levels of control. Other advantages of paid hosting include the SEO value of your video going to you, ease of use, and potential access to video analytics that help you identify the markets in which your video is failing to attract interest.

The largest knock against paid hosting, as may be expected, is precisely the fact that you must pay for it. The average cost for a paid hosting provider can range anywhere in between $200 and $2400 per year. Paid hosting also typically gives you access to a smaller audience than a larger, free hosting service, such as YouTube.


As you can see, each option may be advantageous depending on your company’s unique situation. YouTube hosting is best for maximum exposure. Self-hosting can be preferable when it comes to converting viewers into customers, and paid hosting should be your best bet if you want to create content that you can sell online.

At Vivia Digital Films, we can help you produce an amazing video to promote your company’s products, services, and business culture. If you’d like to discuss your promotional video needs, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-403-585-0133 today!