Vivia’s Core Services

Marketing and advertising is often at its’ height during the holiday season. Many companies go all out trying to market their products during this time of year. When it comes to advertising, there are many different mediums to choose from today.

The Internet has revolutionized the advertising world by giving individual companies the cost-effective means of advertising themselves. For a company like Vivia Digital Films, this creates unique opportunities to work with company’s to design videos or films that will contribute to their overall marketing campaign.

If you’re looking for a professional filmmaking crew to put together an informative commercial or YouTube video to promote your company or products during this holiday season, you should look no further than the professionals at Vivia Digital Films.

When considering working with Vivia, you should realize the different types of films and videos that our professionals create daily: 

Customer Promotional Films

This is one of our most wide-ranging areas of work, as each individual customer will have a different purpose for producing a film and a different method for advertising their product or service. We work hard to customize promotional films to help your company send the exact message that you desire. Regardless of the product or service that you’re hoping to promote, we can help you put together a film that you will be extremely satisfied with. 

Short Films

For those looking to make a little longer piece based largely on a central issue or topic might find our short film service to be perfect. Our production team can help you send the message you hope for, without taking away your creative input. We will work in close conjunction with you to produce a short film that your audience will relate to and be moved by. 

Music Videos 

Are you an up and coming artist or band that wants to get their name out there? Have you recently written a new song that you are extremely excited about? Even if it only goes on YouTube, our professionals can help you choreograph, design, and capture your very own music video. We will work hand-in-hand to create a video that summarizes your music’s underlying message. 


The longest form of video that we produce at Vivia is the mini-documentary. Documentaries might focus on a large variety of topics from the issues behind damming so many of our nations rivers to the atrocities being committed by corrupt corporations throughout the world. While we don’t have the time or energy to help you produce an entire, full-length documentary, we can help you create a solid platform to develop your full-length film from in the future.

Vivia Digital Films serves the Southern Alberta market and we have a strong passion for digital film production. It’s much more than just another job for us. We strive to bring a fresh perspective to film production, one that is left untouched by more traditional approaches and processes. If you want to have a film produced during the holiday season, be sure to give us a call today!