Want your Video to go Viral? Here’s a Few Tips!

Everyone would love to have their online video go viral and be seen by millions of people. Unfortunately, manufacturing that viral “spark” can be much easier said than done. Recently, one of the coaches at my granddaughter’s gym shot a video of their abdominal workout for parents and friends. Somehow, it caught on and has been viewed over 1.7 million times by people around the world. Here’s the link to their video:


Of course, the gym loved their viral video and has since tried to create more. As you might imagine, they’ve struggled to maintain their initial “viral” success despite their most well-intentioned and creative efforts.

That Viral ‘Thing’

The truth is: you can’t make a viral video ahead of time. If viral videos could be made or manufactured, virtually all videos would go viral. At the very least, the world’s largest retailers and media producers would be producing viral sensations weekly. Yet, they don’t.

A viral video catches the attention and imagination of people because of its content. It makes some form of emotional connection and it elicits powerful emotions in the viewer that compels him or her to share it with others. Planning to make such a connection, however, can be incredibly difficult.

Every attempt to make a viral video ahead of time, or at least those that we are aware of, has failed. Even those who have created a viral video, by accident, have trouble repeat the experience. Setting out to create a viral video will most certainly result in frustration and disappointment. However, there are a couple tips you might find useful:

Focus on Video Quality

At the end of the day, you must put together a high quality video if you’re to have any chance at going viral. While some videos get luckier than others, you can certainly do your best to give viewer a good reason to share your video. 

Tell Your Story

Every viral video, no matter how short, does its part in telling a story. If you’re ultimately, trying to sell a product or service, your video must seek to tell a compelling story that clearly shows the viewer the need for what you can offer. 

Release Early in the Week

In most cases, YouTube viewers are tuning in from their place of employment. Early in the week most employees are busy catching up on emails or simply trying to get rid of the remnants of the weekend’s frivolities. Releasing your video on a Monday or Tuesday, especially if it’s a slow news day, will help you get the attention you’re looking for.

So what’s the bottom line? What can you reasonably hope to achieve? Well, you might start by focusing on getting your video seen by your target audience. While it would be amazing to find thousands of new customers with a viral video, sometimes you have to stick with those that have been loyal for years.

Marketing your video properly can be a chore in itself, but you should check out our blog dedicated to professional marketing advice for a few suggestions. If you’ve targeted your desired audience and your video happens to go viral, that’s a bonus.

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