Why It’s Important To Have Video On Your Site

The days of video’s only purpose being for entertainment are long gone. These days, video is used for many purposes, especially in the online marketing world. If you’re managing a website that employs only words and pictures to describe your products or services, you might be a step behind the curve.

In the online realm, video is quickly becoming the preferred medium for communicating with prospects and customers online. Marketing teams are increasingly employing video to distribute new information to clients all over the world.

Many videos are added to the Internet each day, and video continues to make a large impact on how people are marketing their businesses online. We’ve put together a list of five specific reasons why it’s important to think about online video as part of your overall marketing strategy:

Videos Are Useful

With a well-placed touch of humor, videos are perfect for helping people engage with your brand. Video allows you to show off the top features of your product while also including an element of personality to your brand. In order to keep things moving, it’s always good to feed people the information they need as quickly as you can. That way you create a video that’s not only information, but it’s also extremely fun as well. 

Videos Keep Your Audience Interested

As an alternative to reading about a product, video allows you to visually show off the various features of your product or service. In general, video will help you answer any questions much faster than text. A captivating video can attach an individual to your brand so strongly that they will stick around for years. The more engaging your video, the more likely you are to pull a customer into your marketing environment. 

Videos Make It Easier To Persuade People

Reading a list of reasons why you should purchase a product is simply not the same as being show a visually stimulating display of the products’ best features. Video gives you the ability to show off everything that your product is capable of. Your video should explain why people should care about what you’re selling and how it’s going to improve their lives. 

Videos Give You The Ability To Reach Anyone

Thanks to the Internet, video can be distributed through a myriad of channels, including such staples as Google and YouTube. Anyone anywhere could see your video on their computer or mobile device and become enthralled with your product. Placing videos on multiple platforms will help you ensure that you reach people everywhere. 

Videos Don’t Require the Viewer to Read Length Text

If you’re taking a product to a potential investor, he or she probably doesn’t have time to read a lengthy text write up detailing your product. It may be a harsh reality, but it’s true. Decision makers require that the important information be at their fingertips now. Video can help you get your point across quickly without risking losing the attention of an important investor.

If your website isn’t pushing the amount of traffic to your products that you’d like to see, you should consider upgrading your site by uploading a few cleverly filmed videos that showcase who you are and what you’re selling!